Cool Web App!

Hey! Just wanted to make all of you aware of an awesome new site: I was browsing over on Lifehacker today, and one post really caught my eye. The post is filed under their “Ask the Readers” section of the site and asks the readers of the blog what their favorite web apps are. All of them were quite interesting, but one really caught my eye, and I immediately hit the link to check it out.

It is in Beta version right now, but I am super excited to see what it will do in the future.

The acronym stands for IF This, Then That. As a programmer, that caught my interest right away. And the site is pretty self explanatory. It monitors all of your different web accounts (called channels) and then you can specify what you want to do with them. For instance, I used the site to set up an account so that every time I post something on my blog, it automatically updates both my twitter and my facebook. There is not yet a link for google plus, but I have hope that they will somehow integrate that in the future. The free blogging site actually already offers this function, but the blogging platform WordPress that I am now using does not (or at least I haven’t figured it out yet). I’ve been copying and pasting all of my links into Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ every single time that I posted, and now I am psyched that I figured this out. It should make things a lot easier. In any case, I would highly recommend checking it out and seeing if it is for you. There are a lot more functions than I have listed here as well (for instance, the site also syncs with my all time favorite app Dropbox).