During the month of November 2011, I participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Day after day, I posted instalments of my story online so that the adventurous and daring of heart could read along. Now, that month of writing frenzy has come to the end. But during all the frenzy, a book came into being and now can be downloaded as a pdf!

Trapped in Zork

Rachel is a very ordinary girl (perhaps a bit on the geeky side) who has been born seemingly mistakenly into a very extraordinary family. But just as her life begins to look up, she is snatched away into Zork, the computer game that she has programmed herself. There she is forced to play the game from the inside. She faces Trolls, Cyclops, and a maze of twisty passages all alike. And that is only on her first day. Allies may be found in unlikely places, but even with her good common sense and the ridiculous magical pink purse, will she be able to make it out of Zork alive? And if she does, will she be able to put her real life back together?

Want to find out? Download here:

I plan to do much revising of the content that I have posted (after all, I did only spend 30 days writing it), so if you have any suggestions (content, storyline, characters), please drop me a line!


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