Once upon a time, long long ago, where the mountains now known as the Alps now stand, there were two mountain ranges. In between these mountains there was a small land called Acacia. They were ruled by an exuberant and energetic royal family in a gorgeous palace. But when one of the more belligerent royals offends a witch in a bad mood, a curse falls over the land. Now, all the men are so hideous that they cannot be loved, and the women are now so gorgeous that they cannot be ignored. And the good tempers all but disappear. But how can the curse be broken? The fate of the country lies in the hands of the youngest princess and a lame shepherd boy. But how can they free the whole country from a curse when they cannot even free themselves from the oppression they experience in their daily life?


Author’s Note:

Sorry! I did have a .pdf file available for download. But I personally consider the draft to be utterly horrible, so I took the liberty of taking it down so as to spare anybody the torture of actually having to read it. I am currently working on a revision (which will hopefully be better at least), and as soon as a new version is ready, I will add a link so that you can download it as a .pdf. If you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to read it, you can do so on this blog (starting with this post HERE).



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