Third Stop in Italy: Bologna

So up to this point I have been a bad tourist.

Now I graduate to being a horrible tourist.

I travelled to Bologna from Florence by train. I was flying out from Bologna, so I booked a hostel about twenty minutes from the city center. Getting to the hostel was a bit of a challenge, because I hadn’t looked up anything on Google maps, and had to rely on the directions to the hostel that I had printed out and the slightly incomprehensible directions I got from the man who was selling bus tickets. But I managed to find a map of the bus system at one of the bus stops…


…and that enabled me to find my way to my hostel (i.e. I was able to find the correct bus stop of the bus I needed to take. I love maps).

However, once I arrived at the hostel, I no longer had any desire to go anywhere else. But I finally got to read Cherry Heaven (the sequel of The Diary of Pelly D which was SOOO good I just had to read the sequel). The hostel had a comfy couch and we could order pizza in the evening. I enjoyed it. =)

The next day, on the way back to the train station to catch a shuttle to the airport, I discovered this cute little park which made me wish I had spent a bit of time in the city. But I was also over budget at that point, so it all worked out in the end…




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