Summertrip Malaga 281

This was seriously one of the best vacations I have ever been on ever.

Not because Malaga is gorgeous (although it is. Reference above picture). Not even because the beaches were gorgeous and the water refreshing (although it was. Reference below picture).


The reason my trip was great was because of the company. I got to hang out with these people for ten days! It was great hanging out with people who have similar interests with me. We are all Christians who really love the Lord Jesus, and therefore we really enjoyed singing, reading, and praying together. And we also did not consider “having a good time” to mean getting drunk.

Summertrip Malaga 104

We rented an apartment together in a housing development outside of Malaga (near the el Palo beach). The houses in the area were gorgeous, and we were ten minutes from the beach.


We kept pinching outselves that we got such a well priced apartment in such a nice neighborhood.

The vacation was great. Absolutely great. I got to do all of my favorite vacation activities…

By which I mean that I spent most of the time relaxing under the palm trees reading books on my Kindle…


So I’m lame. Get over it. Of course, I also regularly went into the mediterranean sea. I loved the feeling of floating on my back in the gorgeous clear water while the sun shined down on me…. The weather stayed in the thirties the whole entire time we were there. Unfortunately, the sea got pretty rough after a while, so floating on my back got increasingly precarious. However, jumping in the waves was also pretty fun.

It was a beach vacation. Sun. Beaches. Books. Friends. Couldn’t ask for more.

Except for churros…

Ñ Summertrip Malaga 096

Those things are SOOOOO delicious!

And perhaps ice cream….


I didn’t actually eat a lot of the native food because it was all seafood. I do eat fish now (even though I spent my entire childhood eating it), but Spanish fish all seem to have the scales and heads and everything, and I chickened out. I admit it. Totally chickened out. I did eat a bocadillo once, and gazpacho and paella, so I wasn’t that bad.

But we treated ourselves WELL by cooking delicious food in the evenings…

Good Times!


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