To the opera we go…

Today I finally got the birthday surprise that a good friend gave me a month ago. We went to see Mozart’s Zauberflöte (Magic Flute). I sort of suspected that we were going to a theater of some kind because I was supposed to dress up, and we weren’t going to be eating there. I was HOPING that is was a opera, and I was DREAMING that it would be Zauberflöte. Now I get to cross that item off my list! Needless to say, when I opened the envelope in the car and saw the tickets, a smile fixed itself to my face and wouldn’t budge. See?


The opera took place in the Theater Duisburg.

Theater Duisburg

The hallways were decked out with red carpet, and we were also able to give up our coats at the coat room and borrow cushions to prop us us and allow us to see better. We were pretty far on the right side, but we were able to see pretty much everything, and we were so high up, we could see straight into the orchestra pit.

The opera itself was a bit of a surprise. It was a very modern interpretation of Mozart. The music was, of course, original. But the costumes and stage design were all inspired by the 1920’s. There were also no props. The entirety of the props and staging effects consisted of an animated film (also in 1920’s style) that was projected onto the actors while they sang. I took a couple of pictures of a couple of scenes that I liked. Sorry if they aren’t very good. I was limited by my skills as a photographer, the angle from which I shot, and the quality of my smartphone.

Papageno and his catTamino and Pamina are trapped


In any case, I liked the overall effect (although I wasn’t a fan of all of the design decisions). And the music?

Mozart was a genius.

That’s all I can say.



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