RIP Google Reader

Rest in peace.

Wait no. What I actually want to say is WWYT Google Reader. Whatever were you thinking? Seriously?

I suppose the company has the right to close their very own free web app. But I am shocked at the inconvenience of the whole ordeal. Now I have to do some research to find some decent RSS reader. Ideally one that replaces all of the functionality that I currently have with Google Reader. Which means that it has to have an Android app with an indicator widget for the main screen. And I have to somehow be able to favorite articles that I read. With my current setup, I can star articles in Google Reader, and with an IFTTT task, I can archive them in Pocket. Which I love. Because I can always easily scan through my favorite articles.

One word comes to mind when thinking of the eminent close of Google Reader: inconvenient.

I’m frustrated and irritated. I’m going to have to put a lot of effort into finding an RSS reader and customizing it the way that I want it. It is even going to mess up my current daily routine.

So to Google: I stick my tongue out at you.

I don’t really get it. Google is putting all of its money and effort into customizing Google+. It has its special features for sure, but come on! No one has any NEED for it. Because that need was already filled by Facebook and Twitter. Google has, up to this point, come to be so prominent because they have created web applications that fill a niche in the Internet that no company has filled before. And they do it well. The best search engine? Google. An open source operating system for mobile platforms? Android. A way for multiple people to edit documents online without having to send the same document over and over again? Google docs.

But Google+? Nope.

Sorry for this rant. I will get over myself soon. And at least the way is now paved for some startup company somewhere to come up with something really good. I just hope they communicate with IFTTT and get their own channel quickly.


  1. Wow. You and everyone in my scrap club are frustrated with this. I don’t even know what google reader is! 🙂 some computer illiteracy can be a plus! I am sure you will find something That works for you.


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