How to syncronize multiple Audible accounts with Dropbox

I have two Audible accounts. One is on and one is on Needless to say, when I downloaded the Audible app and figured out that it was only possible to log in with one my accounts, I was frustrated because I often wanted to listen to books that I had purchased on the other account and I didn’t know how to access them. This post explains how to add them manually.

  1. On your portable device, install the Audible app and connect it with one of your accounts.
  2. Login to the other Audible account and go to the page that displays your library.
  3. Hit the download button and download them manually to your desktop.
  4. Move these files to a folder in your Dropbox.
  5. Go to your Dropbox account and access this folder.
  6. Select the file in your Dropbox and select export.
  7. Export the file to the “Audible” folder on your device.
  8. Refresh the library in your Audible app. The file will appear.

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