And I’m Back!

At least for the present. Tomorrow I am jetting off to Poland for a week, so “back” is maybe a bit presumptuous. I am back long enough to write some posts, so there will be something to look forward to. The past couple of weeks have literally been crazy. I finished my second final on the 10th of July, and then, because we just decided to move apartments, I had to pack up all of my things in boxes, catch up on a lot of stuff at work, and pretty much have no time for blogging. Last Saturday we moved house, but I can honestly say that I was not aware that the packing stuff up and the unpacking stuff later takes way more time and energy than the actual move itself. I also was unaware that not having a vacuum cleaner would annoy me this much. We didn’t clean the floors before moving in, and they are so dusty that whenever we walk around, our feet turn black. So we are going to have to get on that.

But in the meantime, I finally have a quiet evening where I can sit back and relax and blog a bit.

Here is a list of the things that I mean to accomplish this summer (I typed this up on Evernote a couple of weeks ago, but never actually got around to posting it):

Places to go:

  1. Paris, France
  2. Berlin, Germany
  3. Male Ciche, Poland
  4. Amsterdam, Holland

Things to do:

  1. Blog!!! In German and English.
  2. Move into the new apartment. ***DONE***
  3. Arrange new bedroom. ***DONE***
  4. Work!!!
  5. Read (at least) a couple of good books ***DONE*** (I just re-read Little Men and Jo’s Boys. I certainly intend to read more good books, but I have at least already read a couple of good books)
  6. Start learning French! (I am going to attempt to use the Babbel app on my tablet to try to learn French. I’m curious to see if it actually works…)
  7. Write some more cool bash/groovy scripts
  8. Learn some new German vocabulary
  9. Go on a couple of bike rides
  10. Learn how to make vector graphics with Inkscape
  11. Create a workout routine
  12. Have an awesome time when my awesome sister comes to visit!!!
  13. Write?
  14. Create an idea for a web comic?

A lot of ideas for my blog have been running through my head, and I hope that I’ll have time to write about all of them. I intend to write a post later today about the move (with pictures). I’ve also recently discovered the power of the bash scripting language and groovy scripts (which I am more comfortable with because of my background with Java), so I might blog about that, and I’ve been meaning to do an updated post on the list of my favorite things… So it looks as if it will be a long, busy, happy summer!



  1. Welcome back 😀 And… goodbye again xD
    Well, moving to another apartment is really exhausting!I hope you finished…. Please tell me when you’re at home, I gonna visit your new apartment 🙂 Enjoy your holidays in Poland!

    “Create an idea for a web comic?”
    Yes I’d love that 🙂


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