10000 hits!

I haven’t actually been paying that close attention to my blog in the last few weeks, but I just checked my stats, and I officially have 10526 hits in 2012 (and it is only June!)!!! This officially fulfils #14 on my list of things on my list of 25 things to do before I turn 25!:

Here is an updated list (I am putting the things that I have completed in bold):

  1. Get bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
  2. Get master’s degree in Computer Science.
  3. Visit Florence.
  4. Visit Paris.
  5. Visit Ukraine.
  6. Get married (well…after I find the right guy!).
  7. Build an operating system from scratch.
  8. Buy a big monitor (either two 20-inch screens or one >24 inch screen).
  9. Build a computer.
  10. Write an app for Android.
  11. Learn to program in Python.
  12. Learn another language (probably either French or Italian).
  13. Finish reading the Tintenherz trilogy.
  14. Get 10,000 hits on my blog in one year.
  15. Learn how to develop web-pages with php.
  16. Buy graphic tablet and learn to do a bit of graphic design.
  17. Create a web comic.
  18. Get into the habit of exercising at least 2-3 times a week.
  19. Visit Amsterdam.
  20. Learn how to remotely access other computers.
  21. Build a website from scratch.
  22. Go to the Opera (hopefully to see the Magic Flute!)
  23. Build up a habit of having morning revival.
  24. Organize/scrapbook all of the souvenirs I have.
  25. Read through the Bible again.

So many things to still get done! But a huge thanks to all of my readers!

Three Weeks

Three Weeks. It’s that point in semester. Three weeks before the first exam. You were just secure in the knowledge that there was at least a month until the semester. And then you hit the four week mark. It is in a month! A small amount of panic. But you still aren’t scared enough to crack open a book. The pressure mounts…. Which leads to the three week breakdown…

In three weeks, I will be taking my first final on Medieval English Studies. I still haven’t cracked open the books yet. And I am flying away to Rome for the weekend (which will probably be fun, but I will probably have to take some time to do homework while I am there). Anyway…I am experiencing the classical three week breakdown. Nothing serious. I just kind of didn’t go to work and I am procrastinating on my homework. Which is harmless really…

I have high hopes for this semester.

Other news:

A couple of weeks ago, I got the opportunity to try out my friend’s graphic tablet. She’s really creative and produces all sorts of music and art. You can check out her website here. Look at the cute duck that I drew!:

I am so buying myself a graphics tablet as soon as semester is over…

Computers vs. Humans

Which system is more complicated? If one were to create a computer program that would randomly generate symbols (if it were possible to generate “real” random numbers), what is the probability that in a million years, the computer will have produced something that works as well as the Java VM? (or even the probability that the computer will have produced something that will print “Hello World”?).