But no really…how can I come into contact with God?

I posted about a month ago about how God has an address. Once we have called on His name and prayed to Him and received Him into our being, He comes into us and lives in our deepest part, our spirit. However, knowing this and believing this fact does not in all cases allow us to come into contact with Him on a regular basis. We may know that He lives inside of our spirit. But because it is all rather abstract, it is sometimes difficult to know exactly how reach our spirit even thought it is technically inside of us. I redrew the diagram to include the different parts of the soul:

I am by no means a psychologist, but I have always been taught that there are three parts to the soul, i.e. the psychological functions that we, as living beings, are capable of performing can be roughly separated into three separate categories. I have, in my short life of 21 years, never yet found any evidence to the contrary, but even if I had, the principle that I am trying to explain would be the same. The psyche can be separated into three parts: the mind, the emotion, and the will. The mind thinks, the emotion feels, and the will makes decisions. We exercise these three functions so often every day that we don’t really think about them.

But what is it about our spirit? We know that our spirit is the deepest part of our being, and, if we have had a genuine experience of Christ, we know that it is capable of affecting out emotion. In fact, in accepting the Lord into our being, we exercised all the different parts of our soul. Our feelings were likely touched first. We felt the compassion, mercy, and love that the Lord has for us and that were shown in his death on the cross. Then our mind understood that the way to make this wonderful person Jesus happy and the way to make ourselves happy is to pray to call on His name or to ask Him to come into us. Then we exercised our will to choose to do this and this opened our soul so that the Lord could come into us.

After we are saved, the way to contact the Lord has not changed. We still need to exercise every part of our soul to touch the Lord. The problem is that we often touch the Lord by accident. When we hear or read a particular verse in the Bible, we are moved within and experience the joy that can only issue from God. When we call on His name, although we aren’t exactly certain of what we are doing, we experience His moving within us.  There are so many different ways to contact the Lord. What we don’t realize is that every single one of these ways involves our soul. Learning how to contact the Lord is just that: a learning process. We are like babies, stumbling around and trying everything out until we figure out what works and what doesn’t work. But luckily, we aren’t alone. We have the Bible, without which it would be almost impossible to come to Christ (because how can you know how to contact Christ if you don’t have anything that tells you that you can contact Christ?). And we also have other believers in Christ who can help and guide us with their personal experience.

The best way to describe contacting the Lord is that it is a process of turning. Why turning? Because we have to turn our soul. Our soul is always directed toward the outside. We always pay attention and react to what is happening outside of us.

We need to turn our soul to concentrate not on our outward part, our body, but on our inward part, our spirit.

How can we do this? Our mind is the strongest part of our soul. Whatever our mind is thinking about almost always has an impact on what we are feeling or what we choose to do. So the first step that we need to take in turning our soul is to set our mind on Christ:

Colossians 3:2 Set your mind on the things which are above, not on the things which are on the earth.

Once we set our mind on Christ, the rest of our soul follows quite naturally. But our mind is so often distracted with other things. So how do we set it on the things of Christ? The best way is to concentrate on the word of God, the Bible. The Bible tells us all about Christ. It distracts us from the unimportant things of our daily life and causes us to concentrate on the wonderful person, Jesus Christ. So reading the word of God, praying over the word of God, and studying the word of God are all excellent ways to set our mind on Christ. Another really good way to turn our soul to our spirit is through prayer. It is impossible for us to speak something without using our mind, emotion, and will. We can speak to the Lord and tell Him, “Lord, I don’t know what to say to you right now. Lord, supply me right now. Lord Jesus, I need You.” The very simplest of prayers, “Lord Jesus, I love You” is also one of the most effective. If we find that it is for some reason difficult to turn to the Lord, we can pray and ask the Lord to wash us with His blood.

But, as I said before, it is a learning process. We are learning, day by day, to turn to the Lord in every situation big or small. And, if you ever feel that it is a hopeless case, don’t lose hope. He is able to do superabundantly above all that we ask or think (Ephesians 3:20).