Does God have an address?

Where does God live? Where can I find Him? The common answer is that He lives in heaven, which is some abstract place somewhere really far away. In actuality, God is not just in heaven. He does not just sit on His throne and watch the world pass by under His feet. He is everywhere at once. In 1 Corinthians 15:45 it says that the last Adam (referring to Christ) became a life-giving Spirit. A Spirit is something like the air. It is always there. It is always available for us to breathe. I’ve written before about how God can come in and fill the deepest part of our being. When we call on His name and get saved, He actually comes into us. And He never leaves. He actually lives inside of us!

But in which part of our being does He live?

2 Thessalonians 5:23 And the God of peace Himself sanctify you wholly, and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We see in this verse that we are made up of three parts: our spirit, our soul, and our body. The terms “soul” and “body” are not really hard to understand. But what is our spirit?

Our spirit is the deepest part of our being. This is where God lives.

There are many verses in the New Testament which speak of the spirit.

John 4:24 God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit.

This verse speaks of two spirits. The Spirit written with a large “S” refers to the Holy Spirit, which is God Himself who is available to us at any time. The second spirit with a small “s” refers to the human spirit, the place where God. So we look something like this:

The spirit is the deepest part of our being. It is sometimes hard for us to figure out what exactly is going on. We know what our body is because we can physically touch it. We also are certain that we have a soul because we have feelings and can think critically. But what does our spirit do? It contacts God! It is pretty simple actually. Every part of our being corresponds to some function. Our eyes see. Our legs move. Our stomachs digest food. Our minds think. And our spirit is the organ created by God to contact Him.

This is the reason that humans are the only species on Earth who have ever shown the inclination to think about God, to think about the afterlife, to wonder what the meaning of life is. It is human to need God. We were created with an organ that can contact God, receive Him, and enjoy Him to the uttermost. And when this organ is not in function, it is as if we don’t have any meaning to our life. We wander around aimlessly trying everything and finding lasting satisfaction in nothing.

So yes. We can say that He is everywhere at once. We can say that He is in heaven. But we can also be certain that he has an address in the deepest part of our being. My dear Lord Jesus resides in my human spirit and the spirits of all those who have believed into His name.

(In writing this post, I found the third chapter of The Economy of God  by Witness Lee to be very helpful)


  1. This is an awesome post, thanks Joy!

    It is so wonderful that we can know God’s address. Once we know where to find Him, we don’t have to wander around and hope to accidentally “bump into Him”… we can go directly to where He is located – He’s in our spirit!

    I’m not sure if you link to other websites in your posts, but there’s also a truth question on it being human to need God here: which I thought of when I read your post!


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