Give Yourself to Love the Lord

I love the following paragraph, so I decided to post it on my blog:

Give yourself to love the Lord. No other way is so prevailing, and no other way is so safe, so rich, and so full of enjoyment. Just love Him. Do not care for anything else. Teachings, doctrines, gifts, and power do not mean much. We must continually tell the Lord, “Lord, keep me in Your love! Attract me with Yourself! Keep me all the time in Your loving presence!” If we will pray in this way, we will see what love we will have toward the Lord and what kind of life we will live. We will simply live by the Lord Himself. As long as we love Him from the deepest part of our being, everything will be all right. If we need wisdom, He will be the wisdom to us. If we need power, He will be the power. If we need the proper and adequate knowledge, He will even be that to us. Whatever we need, He is. Do not try to get anything else; just look to Him that He would reveal His love to you. Song of Songs 1:4 says, “Draw me, we will run after thee.” We must ask the Lord to draw us, and then others will run after Him with us. To take Him as our life, we must love Him in such a way (taken from Life and Building as Portrayed in the Song of Songs by Witness Lee).

I am currently in Romford (near London) sitting in a coffee shop. This morning I had the priviledge of meeting with some Jesus-lovers for a couple of hours. There were probably only about thirty of us there, but almost everybody shared something, and it was so good that I started to take notes. In fact, it was so good that I decided I just had to write a post to try and summarize some of the main points that I enjoyed (although I will probably not be posting this for two or three weeks).

In Genesis, we see that Abraham was a person who lived according to God. And how did he live his life? He built an altar to worship Jehovah and lived in a tent. The altar signifies that we should consecrate ourselves to the Lord (we should give ourselves to him unreservedly). The tent signifies that we should live a life that declares to the world that we are sojourners and strangers on the Earth.

Psalm 110:3 Your people will offer themselves willingly in the day of Your warfare, in the splendor of their consecration. Your young men will be to You like the dew from the womb of the dawn.

The Lord wants us to be like the dew. He wants us to water Him. He owns us and has all the rights (which He bought when He paid the greatest price on the cross). But that doesn’t satisfy Him. He is satisfied when we water Him. He wants us to love Him. He wants to appear to us and pierce our hears so that we give ourselves to Him.

I enjoyed that this dew is from the womb of the dawn. WOMB indicates that it is a matter of something being conceived. This means that it is new, fresh, and living. Something cannot be conceived more than once. When it is conceived, it has never existed before, and once it is conceived, it can never be conceived again. It is really new. Every time we give ourselves to the Lord, there is something new and fresh that is conceived. And this waters the Lord like dew.

Lastly, I was touched that the dew is found in the early morning. This means that the morning is the best time to come to the Lord, give ourself to Him, and water Him. Of course, this is also the hardest time to give to the Lord (because everyone is always groggy when they wake up), but the Lord loves it when we give this time to Him. I am notoriously bad at getting up in the morning and giving that time to the Lord, but I was touched and encouraged again to give it another try.

Oh Lord Jesus! I want to be one of your young men. I want to offer myself willingly in the morning. I love You. I want to give myself to You. I don’t want to decide to do something for you. I want to give myself to you so that You could even touch the deepest part of my being. So that You would be satisfed. I want to love You more than anything else in this whole world, so I give everything to You.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am going to try to post the quote on my blog. I am so glad to hear these words and enjoy the reality of such a Christ in my life. So happy and blessed! Lubm


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