Twitter comes to the Joy of Germany

Hey everyone out there! Sorry for not updating more regularly, but my life is crazy right now and I somehow never find the time to update my blog. But I have taken the time to add my twitter feed to this blog (look left below the section for recent action) and I will try my best to tweet every day or so. So catch what I am doing in 140 characters or less!

Of course, you could just follow me on Twitter. You could even tweet me back! And if you want me to follow you, just send me an @mention. I love following people on Twitter. That actually goes for blogs as well. I love reading blogs, so just list your blog in the comments and I will check it out. Blogs and Twitter provide a fun alternative to paying attention in lectures, especially when I don’t understand anything in those said lectures (the material that we receive in the lectures doesn’t really help with the homework anyway. It is just a matter of copying it down and trying to decipher it later.)

On a positive note, don’t give up on me as a blogger completely. I am still going to try my best and update every week. And later this month I am going to go to Venice, and am definitely planning on keeping you updated on everything that is going on just like I did with Rome in March.

I am also going to get a smart phone! This is the phone that I ordered:

Pretty sweet huh? Now that I have a job, I can actually afford a smart phone. And maybe having the internet constantly at my fingertips will allow me to tweet/update my blog more regularly.

And I changed the title of my blog again. I am still not 100% happy with the name. I’d like something catchy…like Google or Wikipedia. Unfortunately, those names are already taken.


  1. I am so glad you are ALIVE and WELL! Thank you for updating! I don’t think I can do Twitter as I don’t have a smart phone or internet access on my phone. I REFUSE to update until my phone breaks! U can’t wait to hear your new blog name.lubm

  2. Mom…you have an iPad. And a laptop for that matter. And access to daddy’s awesome computer and 24 inch monitor. And probably his netbook as well if you asked nice. Believe me. You could tweet away to your hearts content if you so desired.

  3. Hi Joy! Mom called me this week and was wondering if you were alive…Apparently food poisoning in Europe? Don’t worry, I assured her that you were fine. 🙂

    Congrats on the prospective phone! I LOVE mine. In fact I am ADDICTED. I even have Netflix on it..ha! I can watch tv shows at the gym! (Only done that once though)

    I am SO jealous that you are going to Venice. Send me another post card! I LOVE your post cards! I also LOVE writing with CAPITOL letters!

  4. Joy, I don’t know how to “tweet” ( although you should hear me now>>>tweet tweet tweet!!!) I thought is was a text sent from a smart phone????? Please educate! MOM


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