Day 16 & 17: Bike Tour of Berlin & Baking Day

Yesterday I decided to take a biking tour of Berlin to see some of the sights. I started out near Strausbergerplatz and my goal was Schloss Charlottenburg. The weather was really cold and rainy, but I had already set my heart on going on a bike ride, so I just set off. I was well equipped with rain gear which I luckily never had to use.

I used my uncle’s bike:

This is pretty much the swiss army knife of all bikes. The bike lock attaches on, the lights are motor powered from the wheels, there is a bell, a basket complete with bungee cord, and a rear view mirror. Yeah. That’s right. It was a little big for me, so it took me some time to get used to, but it certainly served its purpose.

The paths to get there were very well marked out. They even have traffic lights for the bike lanes!:

The trip I took took me by a lot of really cool sights.

The Brandenburgertor separated the pre-unification Berlin.

The Reichstag is the nations capital:

Unfortunately I had no gloves to wear, and I kept thinking that I really should have worn tights under my jeans because it was so cold. I actually managed toΒ  So the first bakery that I saw I went in and bought a hot chocolate to try and warm up.

Right before I got to the palace I found a place to buy gloves which was a life saver. Here is the beautiful Schloss Charlottenburg:

I wanted to spend some time in the parks behind the palace, but no flowers were planted yet, and I was frozen to the bone. I even resorted to looking at everything in the museum gift shop just to warm up before the long journey home. Once I got back on the bike and started moving I was alright again.

Today was pretty chillaxed. My aunt and I went on a walk and saw the Berlin wall:

We spent the majority of the day baking pies! My aunt is the one from whom I learned how to bake pies in the first place. I really wanted to know how to make the edges of the pie crust so pretty, so we decided to have a baking day so that she could show me how to do it. It is pretty easy actually, and the crust on the pies we made were indeed beautiful! :

We used the apple pie recipe that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. It was delicious as usual!


  1. That’s an awesome bike! Looks like a fun ride, although biking without gloves in cold weather is pretty killer!

    Say hello to Aunt Becky and Uncle Jim for me! Wish I could eat some of that pie!!! πŸ™‚

  2. I am back home in Spokane and am commenting on my iPad! Looks like biking was fun. I may ask dad to buy me a bike for my birthday. I’m glad you found gloves. Say hi to Jim & Becky for me. Sorry I didn’t take time to stay updated on reading your blog while on my trip. I think your spring break was a great time for you.

  3. This little holiday break looks like awesome fun Joy!! πŸ™‚
    I love all of the little pictures of traffic lights for bikes and the ones with the funny cut-out shaped lights hahaha they’re so cute!! This looks like amazing, independent fun. πŸ™‚

    PS: The hot chocolate looked good while reading this and seeing that picture, so I’ve made some. tee hee
    Keep on travelin’ xx
    – Sarah


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