Day 8: Post Office, Brownies, and Books!

Well, today has been another relaxing day. I am continuing reading the Ender’s Saga. I actually started rereading it a couple of weeks ago, before I went to Italy. I had reread all of the Ender’s Shadow Quadrilogy as well as Ender’s Exile. Then yesterday I reread Ender’s Game and the Speaker for the Dead. Now I am in the middle of Xenocide.

But today has not been all reading and no fun. The sun was shining today, and the sun in Athens is always warm. We walked over to the post office. I actually took some picture of it, but much to my utter chagrin, I just discovered that I had left my 4 GB SD card in my computer yesterday after posting my pictures to my blog and therefore the pictures I took today were stored instead on the internal memory in my camera. I just put the SD card back in, so hopefully such horrors will not happen again. But that means that I don’t actually have any pictures to share with the class. The post office was not what I was expecting. The outside looked much the same as any other building, except for a sign. And the inside reminded me vaguely of the waiting room the DOL. You had to pick a number and then wait in little chairs until your number was called. I guess I am used to German post offices, where there are racks of envelopes and other office supplies that you can browse through as you wait in line to be helped by¬† professionally dressed employees behind custom designed counters. But the color of the post office in Greece is yellow just like in Germany, so I guess that has to count for something.

The other fun thing I did today was to bake brownies. From scratch. I can’t actually recall the last time I made brownies from scratch. I am not even sure that I have done it. I know I have made brownies from a box, but that doesn’t take a rocket scientist. They were delicious! We put pecans on top.

Well…tomorrow ends the last few days of relaxation that I have had. I am going to go to Placa and will definitely take some photos for all yall to see. I will also be going to the Laiki again.


  1. I love that you like “professionally dressed people behind custom made cabinets!!!” So visually observant! Joy, the more you write, the more I realize you are alot like your mother! (Even if your reading material sounds boring :)) Sorry about that honey! I am so glad you are there with our dear friends. Enjoy those brownies! LUBM


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