Vacation starting tomorrow!

I am going to be flying to Rome tomorrow! It is my first time in Italy, and I am extremely excited about it. It should be awesome.

I am not yet packed. And I am only allowed to take carry on luggage, which should be fun for a three week trip. I am definitely going to have to do laundry.

The destinations of choice?

Rome, Italy (6 days)

Athens, Greece (6 days)

Berlin, Germany (7 days)

My plans? None, so far. But I am really looking more for a relaxing holiday as opposed to a crazy “lets try and see everything possible” trip. I don’t actually enjoy sightseeing that much, but I intend to find a map somewhere and find my way around each city. I also am going to try and update my blog as much as possible and let everybody know about anything interesting that happens. My goal is to write a blog entry every day, but with my luck, I will probably get there and then realize that I have no internet access for a week and not be able to write anything.

But there SHOULD be internet access in my hostel, so I will try to update tomorrow.  So until then!


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