What Germany DOESN’T have

A few weeks ago I wrote a level-headed article discussing the differences between Germany and America. But in my article I barely brushed the food factor, and while I am normally completely satisfied with German fare, sometimes I feel like I could EXPLODE because I want some American delicacy or other. And yes, maybe most of those American delicacies are junk food. But still.

It all started yesterday. I got a sudden, very strong longing for tortilla chips. I even wrote about it in my facebook status. Germans cannot do tortilla chips. They try, but all of the chips available have really weird spices on them so they aren’t at all compatible to the awesome, crunchy, delicious corn chips that one can find in America. *sigh*

So here is a list of food items that one CANNOT get in Germany (but if one of my German peeps knows where I can find them, then PLEASE comment):

– Tortilla Chips

– Refried beans

– Mexican food in general (Not even Taco Bell quality. If you want a plate of delicious Mexican rice and refried beans, you are out of luck. I rampaged about last falls trying to find a decent Mexican restaurant, but the results were exceedingly disappointing)

– Top Ramen

– Nerds (I remember those little purple and pink candies with longing)

– Oreos

Yeah. Those are the main items that I can think of right now. Except for the annoying lag in technology that goes with living outside of the United States of America. Like how the Chrome netbook testing program is only available within the U.S. borders. And if I wanted to receive a blog via Kindle, I would have to pay the extremely overpriced international service fee.

So for all my American friends, if you want to hit me up with a care package, I would be more than willing to send you my address per email. For all my German friends, if you ever see any of the above mentioned items, just let me know and you will probably get to witness me on a King Kong shopping spree (or at least read about it in this blog). For all my fellow Americans who also live on this beautiful continent, tell me what you miss! C’mon! Hit the comment button! Let’s get all nostalgic in here!


  1. There is an american food shop at Corneliusstrasse. And I think I have seen Oreos several times in super markets (Real maybe, I will keep my ezes open and let you know)

  2. Wow. The american/mexican junk didn’t arrive in Germany. Your daddy,(who is learning German and loves to visit there), Would go crazy over time not to get his mexican food. He wants it almost daily! Good ole’ Azteca as our neighbor. LUBM

  3. Well I don’t get any of that junk food either because I shop at TJ’s and they don’t have that stuff. I do like refried beans though…I would miss that. TJ’s has some excellent refried black beans with a jalapeno flavor!

  4. TJ’s is coming to Spokane. The real estate agent here at our Condo thinks one will come to courdelene as well. We are probably getting a World market here at the Condo village. (It is another organic grocery store with a name with “world” in it.) I am excited!!!

  5. Refried Beans: (I got this recipe from a genuine Mexican)

    1. Fill a big pot about 1/3 to 1/2 full with water and boil it on high.
    While the water boils,
    2. Sort and rinse some Pinto Beans (~3 cups probably, it really depends on how much you want)
    3. Cut an onion in half (along it’s “equator” so the rings stay together and you don’t have a mess)
    4. Peel the papery junk off a few (3 to 5) cloves of garlic
    5. Put the onion and garlic in the water and let it come to a boil for about 20 minutes, while letting the beans soak in a separate bowl of water.
    6. Rinse the beans one more time and add them to the water.
    7. Let it come to a roiling boil again.
    8. Cover and turn the stove down as low as it goes
    9. Let it sit for about 2.5 to 3 hours
    10. Fish out the onion and garlic pieces
    These beans can be stored to refry any time

    1. Fry more onion and garlic (if desired) in butter. Simmer it for a while.
    2. Add the beans and mash until you get restaurant style refried beans! Enjoy with your favorite chips and salsa!
    (I think this tastes really good as a cold chip dip, so refrigerate the leftovers)

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  7. I am an American and I’ve been here for over 6 months. I LOVE Germany most of the time, but since I became pregnant, I have had intense cravings for Mexican food… I thought I would just be out of luck… until this afternoon!

    I seriously woke up, having dreamt about a bean burrito with shredded cheese. I wanted one so badly that I totally would have stolen one from an infant. And then, I remembered! I saw a can of refried beans in a really odd place: in a home decorations store with a random international foods section. Trust a pregnant woman to remember some obscure detail from 5.5 months ago when it comes to a craving 😉

    Needless to say, I demanded that my boyfriend and I go there immediately, and sure enough! There were two cans on the shelf (I bought both of them). As of this moment, I haven’t tried them (boyfriend wanted to have dinner in a restaurant tonight… first time in 3 months… -.-), so I can’t vouch for their quality, but I am still super excited about them.

    Anyway, if you can find a store called Xenos, you might be in luck with the refried beans and tortillas (they even had both flour AND corn tortillas), and other Mexican food goodies. They even had guacamole sauce and plain, salted tortilla chips. I live in North/West Germany, so if you need any other details about where to find it, just send me an e-mail. I am totally willing to help another friend in need!

    While I haven’t seen the brand Top Ramen, I have seen no shortage of ramen soups in the nearby Asian market. There were tons of brands and flavors to choose from (they had almost a whole wall of ramen, if I remember correctly).

    I have seen Oreo cookies in a nearby Edeka. The box is small, but I imagine it would be great if you really wanted them (I don’t eat Oreos). No luck on Nerds, though…

    Here’s what I miss….
    -Jelly Belly (I have seen them, very rarely, but about 5 euros for a TINY bag)
    -Root beer!!!!!
    -Sunkist soda
    -Hummus (I can’t seem to find ANY here)
    -Depends on my cravings 😉

    • Wow…thanks! I just googled it, and it appears that there are Xenos stores in Düsseldorf. So I will probably go and check that out some time when I actually have time. I have managed to find Root beer in an American-British Foods Store. And you can get Nacho Cheese Doritos in Holland. But I’m not sure about the other things…

  8. Hi! I had the same problems when I first got to Germany. The stores are tiny, even the goods in the stores are in small packaging like lunch meats, cheese etc. I has gotten a little better they even have Bagels in a lot of places. There’s a few KFC’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and a few oters I cant recall at the moment. Even the sunshine is rare these days, LOL!! 😉 I found a lot of the foods at amazon.de. Thay have everything we’re missing and constantly adding to it. They offer, Doritos, Sunkist, Jelly Belly they also habe Rootbeer. They even have my favorite Barq’s. It’s a little pricey sometimes but I just get a 12 pack of Barq’s (€17.00) for special occasions like X-mas, B’days etc.! Thay also have other Rootbeer brands & Sunkist Soda different tbrands of Hummus.

  9. Honestly you guys must not be looking inn the right placees, Iv lived in Germany for 7 years lol, oreos doritos and nachos are in every shop in my area. hoping if you still live here that you now have found everything you crave lol. i came here looking for re fried beans info lol


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